Nová definícia kilogramu.

CECIP Newsletter May 2019

New definition kilogram becomes applicable

On World Metrology Day (20 May) the new definition of the kilogram will become applicable. This new definition was approved at the General Conference on Weights and Measures in November 2018. It will change from a definition based on an artefact standard to a definition based on a physical constant, notably the Planck constant. In principle the new kilogram definition and the current kilogram definition should be have the same mass. A detailed draft guide on the definition of the new kilogram from BIPM can be found here.

CECIP was involved in the process of developing the new definition and provided comments on several occasions. In the end CECIP is satisfied with the final agreement on the definition.

The European Directive 80/181/EEC that regulates the definition of the kilogram at EU level will be amended as well to be in line with this new definition. Publication of the amendment is expected for the end of July.



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